Rainbow Brite

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Synopsis: On another planet, a girl called Wisp discovers an end to the universe’s dark times and becomes the keeper of color. Thus her name changes to Rainbow Brite. As she battles silly villains like Murky and Lurky who prefer gray, Rainbow makes friends with many creatures. Some are other kids who want to help keep everything bright, others are animals such as the egotistical horse Starlite and the quivering sprite Twink. Only one person on the planet Earth knows of Rainbow Brite, her best friend Brian. When things go wrong in our world, all he has to do is use his rainbow key and ask Rainbow Brite for help.
Creator: Heywood Kling
Stars: Bettina Bush, Peter Cullen, Pat Fraley
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Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (1985)

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Synopsis: Rainbow Brite, and her magical horse Starlite, must stop an evil princess and her underlings from taking over the planet Spectra. When they meet Orin, the wise Sprite tries to make the two children get along and work together to stop the evil Princess. Orin tells them that they can only destroy her by combining their own powers against her. Getting in the way of their mission is the sinister Murky Dismal and his bumbling assistant Lurky who, as usual, are lavishing in the new gloom created by the darkening of Spectra, as well as trying to steal Rainbow’s magical color belt.
Directors: Bernard Deyriès, Kimio Yabuki
Writers: Jean Chalopin, Howard R. Cohen
Stars: Bettina Bush, Pat Fraley, Peter Cullen
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