The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald Birthday World (2001)

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    Watch The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Birthday World (2001) full movie watch cartoons online.
    Synopsis: It is Ronald’s birthday and Hamburglar invites him and his friends to a fake amusement park known as “Birthday World” to celebrate, run by an evil mad scientist named Professor Thaddeus J. Pinchworm who plans to turn the human species into infants. After telling them they will be his guinea pigs, the McNuggets soon correct him, telling him, “They’re McNuggets.” Ronald and his friends are turned into babies after riding one of Pinchworm’s rides, and they need to find out how to return to their original ages, even though their certain abilities are limited since they are infants.
    Director: Crescenzo G.P. Notarile
    Writers: Lorraine Gallacher, David Regal
    Stars: Joe Maggard, Charles Adler, Pamela Adlon
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