Uma História de Amor e Fúria (2013)

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    Synopsis: In 1566, in Guanabara, the Tupinambá warrior Abeguar is in love with Janaína. When a jaguar attacks Abeguar and Janaína, he jumps off a cliff with her and he flies. The shaman advises Abeguar that he was the chosen one by the god Munhã to lead his tribe and fight against the evil Anhangá. When the tribe leader Piatã joins the French in the fight against the Portuguese, the entire Tupinambás are slaughtered and Abeguar turns into a bird that flies for more than two hundred years to find Janaina. In 1825, the warrior is Manuel Balaio that lives with Janaína and their two daughters in Maranhão. When one of his daughters is raped by the abusive police commander, Balaio leads the oppressed locals against the police and they take down the Caxias city. The government sends Duque de Caxias and his troops that vanquish the rebels and Balaio turns into a bird again that flies for more than one hundred and forty years to find Janaína again. In 1968, in Rio, the warrior is Cau, but Janaína is a …
    Directors: Luiz Bolognesi, Jean Cullen De Moura
    Writer: Luiz Bolognesi
    Stars: Selton Mello, Camila Pitanga, Rodrigo Santoro
    Sources: IMDB.

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